Whenever a person suspects any persistent unusual physical disturbances, he rushes to the doctor. Lung related disturbances can persist for a long time even in case of bronchitis. But the symptoms of lung cancer is not so easy to detect because, it might take years before the symptoms to get expressed overtly. Often the symptoms remain camouflaged until the disease has advanced to the last stage. Symptoms of lungs cancer are mostly related to the chest.

  • Coughing is the first and foremost symptom that gets displayed in a lung cancer patient.He might cough incessantly. The persistent cough usually worsens and intensifies gradually.
  • The cough is really dry and the patient might cough up blood also.
  • A wringing pain in the shoulders, back or chest is usually experienced irrespective of the situation when the patient is coughing.
  • Patient frequently coughswith substantive amount of mucus or phlegm. Mucus with cough is most often accompanied with blood.
  • Sputum formation may increase considerably and there might be a change in the colour of the same.
  • Lung cancer is often associated with the bronchitis, pneumonia and other lung related problems of mild to severe nature. The symptoms of these diseases start appearing in the first stages of cancer, and hence confuse the patient. This makes cancer hard to detect in the first stage. The patient usually does the treatment of the associated diseases, and when the conditions does not improve cancer is often detected. But this takes a considerable amount of time, when cure is least possible in most of the cases.
  • Cyber knife treatment in India is often done to treat cases of lung cancer. Shortness of breath is another symptom of the disease which include strider or a harsh and unpleasant sound with inhaling and exhaling. The voice usually gets modified and it becomes rough and coarse.
  • The patient feels the symptoms in different parts of his body in case where the disease has spread all over. Mostly the disease spreads in places like lymph nodes, brain, lungs, adrenal glands, liver, bones etc. other than the lungs.

Well the illness has spread to the other body parts, symptoms other than the ones stated above can be experienced from time to time.

  • The person might experience a general loss of appetite, a general malaise and an unexplained and persistent loss of weight over the time.
  • The patient usually suffers from unusual bleeding with internal blood clots.
  • Cachexia or muscle wasting is common.
  • Feeling fatigued all day along with a persistent headache, joint pains or pain in the bones. The patient might also feel weak in spite of indulging in good food habits.
  • Neurological symptoms like memories loss and unsteady gait are commonly noticed.
  • An accidental injury might result, in case of developed neurological symptoms. But unexplained fracture of bones is also common even if accidental injury does not occur.
  • There might be swelling in the neck or facial region too.

However the severity and seriousness of the symptoms depend upon which stage of cancer the patient is in. As the stages progress the symptoms worsen and intensifies.

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