The moment you become pregnant not only a lot of changes is expected in your body but also your hair. In fact you can expect some good hair days during these 9 months. Stick to the price of ketomac shampoo as they have excellent reviews in the market.

The phase of hair growth is spread across in three stages which are active, resting and shredding. In each of these phases you are expected to lose around 100 mg of hair. When you are pregnant, due to the shift in the hormone cycles, shift in the growth cycle of a hair is witnessed. The hair is expected to grow, but it is not going to shed away from the head which makes it long and thick. A trend observed is that the hair becomes thick and evens the diameter of your hair increases.

Apart from the use of shampoo ketomac, there are some natural tips to take care of your hair

Keep away from chemical treatments

Do not colour your hair during pregnancy as the colours could be absorbed on to your scalp and this could pass on to the baby in the womb?  On further colouring it can lead to allergic reactions. Experts are of the opinion that a pregnant woman should stay from bleaching or even priming their hair.

Regular trimmings are a must

Even when you are pregnant it is advisable that you go for a couple of hair trimmings once in few months. During this phase you are expected to have a good growth of hair, so stay away from rough edges and even split ends. In order to have a healthy growth of hair it is suggested that you trim your hair a couple of times in a year.

Choice of a good shampoo

Always stick to the use of a good shampoo as it nourishes your scalp and promotes healthy growth of hair. Once your scalp is clean you are protected from dandruff. Doctors are also of the opinion that a healthy shampoo prevents dandruff from appearing.

Ketomac shampoo possesses all the natural ingredients which will help to cope up with dandruff. You need to take extra caution as dandruff could also be a reason for hair fall. So the message is loud and clear to take good care of your hair.

Do not comb wet hair

A lot of women have the habit of combing wet hair to detangle them. But when the hair is wet it appears to be the weakest. If you comb with a wet hair it can lead to breakage and lead to rough ends. Once the hair is dried you can opt for a comb with wider teeth.

In addition to this stress appears to be one of the viable reasons for hair loss. Indulge in a session of yoga or opt for walk sessions to deal with issue of stress. Stick to a healthy diet as far as possible as it helps to increase the volume of hair.

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