A lot of business owners, especially the young entrepreneurs, often busy growing their business to the extent that they will do everything in their power to get the best ROI that they can have in return. Why do they have to do that? It’s simple so that one day they may give a good life with their loved ones, and of course, help others by creating jobs.

Owning a business comes with many perks, especially when applying for a city of Houston down payment assistance program. As mentioned earlier, most businesspeople do this kind of stuff for the welfare of their loved ones, to give them the life that they deserve. And owning a house is the first step.

It is more convenient for businesspeople from the others

Mortgage lenders are very strict when it comes to loan requirements. They are meticulous with every applicant who steps on their way seeking for a home loan approval. After all, it is their money that is at risk. However, when someone presents himself, and he proves to be the owner of a promising business, they feel that their money is safe with that person.

Moreover, some mortgage broker and agents are targeting businesspeople to apply for a mortgage loan even when they have no plan in applying yet. When they know that you have a good business, you can expect their utmost attention and less restriction compared to their non-business applicants when it comes to loan requirements.

They will offer you the lowest interest rates available

While Mortgage lenders offer significant low rates to all their clientele, it is not as low as to what they offer to businesspeople. Haven’t you heard about the famous Mark Zuckerberg’s 1% Mortgage? Now you might ask why lenders would do this? It is because, as stated earlier, they know that their money is safe with business people. They know that these kinds of people won’t have a problem in paying their loan.

Moreover, mortgage lenders allow these kinds of clients to pay them “interest-only” for a certain period. Paying the interest only without paying the principal amount means that the business owner will have additional capital that can be used to grow and expand their business, thus, making it easier for them to pay back the loan after the “interest-only” period.

They feel more secure than non-business clientele

Not everyone has a job that pays as high as the salary of a surgeon or a lawyer. Most of the time, applicants came from low to average earners. This is the reason why they are very strict in approving home loans because their priority is the security of their money. However, as stated earlier, they feel more secure when it comes to businesspeople. Owning a business means you have assets that can be applied as loan collateral. In the worst case that you won’t be able to make repayments on loan, your asset can be seized by the lender as a form of payment.

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As mentioned, owning a business comes with many perks, especially when applying for a mortgage loan. However, one should be very careful since it also has some disadvantages too like allowing your business asset as loan collateral.


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