Billing Software for the retail shop is ‘point of sale’ software, which is the basic software required for any retail business. Any retail stores where the customers come in more numbers require billing software. Examples of retail stores would be a supermarket, jewel store, textile store, restaurant, mobile store, furniture store and so on. The basic purpose to have POS software is to do the billing. To choose the right billing software for a retail shop, the user needs to know the following point:-

  1. User Interface

First and the foremost thing to look into before purchasing a POS is its user interface. The user interface is nothing but the look and feel of the retail store software. You will have to check whether the display of fonts, color and the navigation of buttons are easy for the user to operate faster and easier.

  1. Input methods

The POS software comes with the help of a touchscreen as well as a regular PC keyboard. When the user is choosing a POS then he should make sure it is compatible with both touchscreen and regular keyboard. Today the user may use a regular keyboard-based system. But tomorrow, he may elevate to a touchscreen. At that time if your POS does not support it then the user will have to buy software which will increase his cost.

  1. Machine Compatibility

If the user already has a system and want to buy POS software then check whether the chosen software can run efficiently. If it can work properly then investment on the system is not necessary. There is POS software which can be compatible with POS systems like desktop PC, Laptop, or a tablet. If the chosen software has compatibility with all types of the system then the user can consider it.

  1. Integration of Operations

Any POS software apart from the billing function needs to integrate with other operations like sales, accounts, inventory, payroll etc. in a business. With the integration, it will be easier to track the business. This is one of the critical features that will have to look in POS software.

  1. Barcode Facility

Another important feature to look into retail software for small business is the barcode facility. Retail stores like supermarkets and textile store require this option as it saves a lot of time in billing and inventory management. This is definitely a key feature which the user will look in POS software

  1. Discount Facility

Discounts play a major role in retail business. Any POS software should give the option of creating discounts. During festival times and end of the season, most of the retailers come out with a lot of offers. All this is possible only when the POS has the option to create discounts. Otherwise, it will be difficult to track the entries.

  1. CRM Option

POS software with tracking of customers will only add more value to the business. Especially in a Retail business, it is very important to be in touch with the customers.

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