Express Entry for Canada has been created for people to be there and live for a really long time. Fortunately citizenship is also available after you have lived for a certain time in Canada  after getting the PR visa Canada through the Express Entry immigration Canada system. There are many distinctive features of this Express Entry for Canada system, due to which people have become so keen for it.

The most distinctive part about the Express Entry for Canada system is that it has 2 categories for keen immigrants to apply:

Federal Skilled Worker: This category of Express Entry for Canada stream totally takes candidates based on whatever points they have but they shoulsd be higher than 67.

Canadian experience class: These kinds of candidates have 1 year of working experience in Canada. Without this much experience they can’t be invited for immigration to Canada as per the Express Entry immigration Canada.

Benefits of the Express Entry immigration Canada-Pay for the medical expenses of your old.

Anyone who gets the PR of Canada as per the, Express Entry for Canada system can get medical benefits as per the Family Caregiver Benefit for Adults scheme. The Express Entry for Canada system has the advantage that it allows someone to pay even the medical bills of those who are related to him. So, if someone in your family is suffering from critical illness, you  can get up to 547CAD in a week, to take care of the medical expenses as per the rules of the Express Entry immigration Canada.

These medical expenses benefit scheme also has a limitation attached to it. As per the scheme of benefits, the candidates have to provide some information about the employers with whom he has worked in the last 1 year. Apart from that, what are your bank account number and branch number? So, once the candidate is able to provide his social insurance number and all the other details, he can get the medical expenses of his parents borne as per the Family Caregiver Benefit for Adults system. These kinds of benefits are only available for the, PR visa Canada holders. With all these bank details given by the candidate, he gets benefit money directly deposited into their bank accounts. These benefits can be availed over a time period of 15 weeks. However, you can avail these benefits intermittently for 15 weeks during 1 year(52 weeks). So, this way, you can avail benefits when you have been got the PR visa Canada as per the  Express Entry for Canada.

There are so, many people who are selected as per this Express Entry Immigration Canada. In fact, last year only, 36,310 Indians were sent the invitations to put their papers for the PR visa Canada.

Apart from the two classes of Express Entry immigration Canada streams, mentioned above, Atlantic immigration pilot program also exists. This PR visa Canada program allows, those to immigrate who have been given employment in the Atlantic region.  For those, with such job offers, no LMIA is needed. Apart from that to be eligible for this stream of PR visa Canada, a candidate needs to have a high school diploma from his home country or, studied in any one of the provinces included in the Atlantic region. The Atlantic region includes 4 provinces which are, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

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