A basic tool which can be held using one’s hands and does not require any kind of power to operate other than the physical force of a person’s hand is known as a hand tool. Hand tools can be categorized as wrenches, pliers, cutting tools, hammer tools, striking tools, etc.

Hand tools have been in use since man came to know about the use of stone to strike with force. The basic formation of this tool has a handle or a shaft at one end and a tool as per the requirement at another end. Tools were first made by primitive man using stone and wood this has changed over time, with the metal age coming in use of Bronze and copper for making hand tools replaced the stones, and with modernization, there is a wide variety of materials being used to make these tools. Some examples of these materials are rubber for handles, steel, and iron for the shaft, plastic may sometimes be used for casing these tools, predominantly one can say metals are largely used to make these tools.

Types of hand tools:

  • Wrenches: used for different purposes in a different field but their main purpose always is to modify the shape of a pipe or frame.
  • Cutting tools: as the name suggests all kinds of cutting tools is it, a saw, a scissor, a blade, a knife, etc. all come in this category.
  • Striking tools: these tools are used to apply more force on impact which is not possible with bare hands. It includes tools as a flat head hammer, sledgehammer, mallet, etc.
  • Pliers: another basic tool found in every household now a day. It is mainly used to hold objects firmly. They are mainly used in metal forging industry where human hands cannot be used to hold the objects.

There are many other categories of hand tools available in the market. Some of them are even made to serve special purposes.

The demand for hand tools in the Indian market has grown by leaps and bounds. With the increase in population, there has also been an increase in household works and industrial work as well these hand tools serve both purposes up to a certain level. Thus the demand for hand tools doesn’t seem to slow down shortly. Hand tools suppliers India have also to take in to account this widespread demand and see to it there is ample amount of hand tools available in the market both online and offline. The price has to be kept affordable as these tools now are a basic necessity, but with that said the quality of these tools should not be compromised with as it would result in accidents while using these tools.

The hand tools supplier in India also have to see to it that these tools reach to common man even in the remotest place of India. This can be enabled by the use of the internet; suppliers should try to cover every corner of India enabling everyone to use these tools without any difficulty.

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